Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[2nd Bi-Annual Hijabi Fashion Week]: Day 3-Work Out Wear!

You are forewarned.
Proceed forward with caution.
Extreme caution.
'Cause I am breathtaking in work out wear. No traces of dorkiness in sight. Just full on beauty, I am.
Work out wear really emphasizes all my desirable qualities.
You have been forewarned.
Come at me, bro.
who what wear?
  • red shirt: my sister's (says Jamal right above my butt.  Bombshell-esque, no?)
  • black track pants: my sister's (notice they are still not sweatpants! ;) Vehemently dislike said type of  trousers).
  • adidas running shoes" my sister's (are we seeing a common theme here?)
  • hijab: courtesy of Capsters!*
  • metallic-gold zebra print scarf: H&M, $5 (we were told to 'fashion up' our workout wear--this is the best I can do).

As you may have noticed, the hijab on my head does not resemble the usual one I sport. (Geddit? Oh, chuckle, chuckle). Perhaps because it is made specifically for use during physical activity--a phenomena I up until recently did not partake in voluntarily. One quick run-through of Capster's website (link above) will inform one that they have several 'sports hijabs'. The one I selected was the Runner. According to capsters.com, "Runner is made of breathable material and comes in a variety of colors. The special and light weight material covers your head comfortably letting you transpire easily and keeping your head cool!"
How does it fare, in my humble opinion? I've aggregated my thoughts, rather conveniently, if I do say so myself, in neat little 'Pros and Cons' categories.

  • it's lightweight! One can hardly feel it on.  My other hijabs that are reserved for working out often remind me of their existence with a pull on my chin or with their need to be constantly adjusted.
  • it's tiny! I can roll it up and shove it in my pocket/small bag faster than you can say "Holy moly ravioli,  'aut dosce, aut disce, aut discede' sounds like techno music in my head!"
  • My hair isn't plastered to my forehead under my hijab with sweat. Mind you, I still sweat heaps, but the Runner allows for miraculous speculations to occur, such as hyper-fast drying up of perspiration.
  • There is only one: how it appears to make me resemble an extraterrestrial. I suspect it may be that my choice of colours [of the Runner] is incongruous with what suits me. However, case in point:
Ignore my face! Ignore my face! Ignore my face! Ignore my face! Ignore my face! Ignore my face! 
Self-deprecating comments aside, I would recommend a Capsters Runner for those looking for an easy-to-wear (just slip it upon your head!), low-maintenance hijab that simultaneously cools you as you sweat (just like sweat does, heh!) For aesthetic appeal, however, you may have to turn elsewhere. Buy one/browse HERE!
Thus, I rate a Capsters Runner hijab a 7 out of 10. 
Lunge it out!

p.s. there's only one thing that satisfies after a long, grueling workout: an over-priced, frozen, caffeinated, calorie-laden beverage from a certain chain of coffee shops:
Link You Must Click
  • To see how girls from around the globe dress whilst working out, click HERE!

Toodles! See y'all tomorrow! Thanks for the comments/follows! Muah!


Ebru said...

hahahahah!! gotta say sis your poses are absolutely classic! Had a great chuckle!!:)

SizZLing SuZai said...

HAHHAA...gurl i LOVE u crazee poses =D really cool! n d most is IGNORE THE FACIAL makes me laugh LOL~ haha..nice entry here ^^

Shums said...

hahaha! nice poses ;) I really do admire how comfortable you are when you pose :)

Lavendergirl said...

HAHA.. This is so cool.. Just love the way you pose.

Hannah Muminah said...

hahaha I love your poses
you show me how you really enjoy with outfit today I believe it ^ ^

edibe @ edbdesigns said...

you are soooo cute! but u knew that already didn't u? :)

Fatima said...

LOL cute posing!! I cant stop laughing,, the come at me bro pose LOVE!


YazmiinAktar said...

haha, love the poses!

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