Sunday, May 1, 2011

Partisan! Partisan! Yeah! Fun. Fun. Fun!

Few things are making me holler "Pakistan Zindabad" and have me marketing my ethnicity at every available opportunity. And no, the Cricket world cup shindig has nothing to do with it. (You're looking at an individual who is apathetic about sports and voluntary physical activity* as much as Sarkozy is about hearing the opinions of niqab-adorning ladies who have chosen to wear it themselves. Bam! You know that is a gargantuan amount of apathy). Things like the Mukhtaran Mai case don't exactly warrant much national pride. Nor do things like this.

But then why is that I have updated my Twitter bio to include pakistani-Canadian muslim? Never mind the fact that I am one, I suspect my superficial tendencies are kicking in.

There is no doubt Pakistani clothes are like the dessert of clothing buffets. And like the political leader who doesn't do the most shit. And like the senior citizen who professes few if any complaints about our current generation and instead does cool stuff.

Don't believe me? You be the judge!

who what wear? 
  • pakistani shalwar kameez, gifted from L.A. 2. 
  • vintage metallic-gold pumps, passed down from my Auntie 3. 
  • vintage sequined vest, my momma's from the 80's

This next one is more iridescent and the apple of my eye but sub-par photographs will confuse you.
A maximalist has got to pile on the accessories. It's stated in the Code of Conduct.

Speaking of Code of Conducts, I'd like to address my fellow Canadian 18+ peeps: VOTE. TOMORROW. I mean, being apathetic about sports is fine. (i.e. what is this "Canuck" you speak of? See kids? I still turned out fine!) Being apathetic about our government ain't! Haven't you heard Apathy is Boring!? Exercise your democratic right to vote (for which others around the world are DYING for)!
A little partisan advice? Vote ABC--Anything But Conservative. 

I will proceed to convince you to do so with select Youtube videos that have tickled my fancy.

 "Partisan! Partisan! Yeah! Fun. Fun. Fun!" 
Now I've got to stop being a hypocrite and take the following customized internet meme's advice:

*I have started a fitness regime! Perhaps more details to come.


Denise Bomfim said...

Salam, Urooba! You have a good sense of humor! This makes the life easier...
Do you have relatives in Pakistan? Your family is originally from Pakistan? I thought it was from Malasia.
Have a wonderful week!:)

Misha said...

HAHA, seriously, that guy's face gives me the creeps! I've seen some of Mr. Y U NO tweets and they are pretty crazy.

Btw, the peach colour is gorgeous and suites you well!