Monday, August 2, 2010


And just when you were beginning to wonder whether Under Urooba's Umbrella was really a "fashion" blog after all, BAM, I clutter your facebook newsfeed, bloglovin' posts, blogger dashboard, email subscription, etc., etc., with an outfit post. NOW BUCKLE UP, this post has started.

I wore said outfit to the extremely aesthetically-appealing fireworks that occurred a couple of days ago. It was China's turn in the Celebration of Lights happening down in Vancouver, and I kid you not, the whole world was there. Every inch of the beach covered with ~400,000 people, food stalls assisting in producing a tantalizing aroma, the overcast clouds threatening us with a sudden downpour of rain (which did occur!), the sunshine peeking in every now and then (mockingly so), and then, the climax of the night: explosions of glittery goodness in the sky at promptly 10 pm.

Sad-bored model face, like whoa.

 outfit commentary: This skirt was LUST AT FIRST SIGHT. I got to experience L.A.'s vintage-ness at Jet Rag's $1 vintage sale. What a fan-fawking-tastic find this was! The graphics, the colours, the prints--it's something I would doodle (on my chemistry homework, etc.)! (The label says Diane Fries--who I just googled: So, whoop! Designer vintage!)  Right away, I envisioned 'em with my faux-leather tights (which got me the nickname 'foxy grandma' at school, heehee), faux-leather tights that most have seemed to retire--but not me, OH NO. I'll wear these babies till they're shreds. I then needed something solid on top, ergo I added the shirt and vest. A little accessorizing and bang!--perfect for fireworks. (Okay, fine, I'll be freakishly honest--I didn't wear the red wedges (we did a lot of walking). Instead, I wore my trusty 'ol plastic, green gladiators:

I saw a bee alright! I AM DEATHLY AFRAID OF BEES, FYI.

who what wear?
  • navy blue ruched shirt, $5, Joe Fresh, The Real Canadian Superstore
  • vintage skirt, $1, Diane Freis, Jet Rag
  • red wedges, $3, pandemonium, Winners
  • faux-leather tights, $5, silence + noise, Urban Outfitters
  • silver metallic purse, Urban Behaviour
  • red vest, $3, Value Village 
  • coral beaded necklace, $1, Value Village
Goodbye, loverlies! 


Anonymous said...

ok i dont think you know this so im going to tell you. wait, maybe you do know but are good at hiding it? or - i dont know. doesn't matter. just pay attention because im about to tell you this very important piece of fact:
you are beauutttiiful! like very extremely pretty beautiful! and don't you forget it.


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AW YEAHHH! I was totally there! THAT WOULD BE WILD IF I RAN INTO YOU. But then there's the whole, 'oh hey there's 400 000 people there.' Therefore, it would have been EXTREMELY WILD.

Anyways, you look colourful and fun as always! I like Googling my stuff, too! Sometimes it's cool. Usually it's not. But hey, you're a FOX GRANDMA so who cares?! (I wish my friends gave me cool nicknames!)

Thanks for all the store names! I wish I could stay longer to check 'em all out! :( But I 'ppreciate it! (And BUSTED - totezzz asked ya on Formspring! ;))

Krystal said...

$1 vintage sale!! what!? awesome :)

Mariam Hakim said...

You're adorable! thank you for stopping by my blog, i'll be coming back to yours xx

nisanichan said...

yea that maxi skirt is fabulous, very cheerful and fun.. just like you!

and I hate bees too, i hate almost animals anyway :p

*rachelwears said...

your skirt is INCREDIBLE!

samsara said...

Great outfit and such an amazing shirt! The 1$ Jet Rag sale is a slice of heaven. It has spoiled me for any other shopping, truly.

Khadija said...

Gorgeous colours, I like how you combined it! :)

blivbook said...

Wow! You found great deals and put the outfit together well for the season! We adore the redness!

Cheers, B & Liv
B L I V B O O K: darling&diva

Isabel said...

This outfit rocks! The badass leggings look so good with the classy skirt. :)

Modest wrappings said...

I love individualistic ladies :D
keep rocking xx