Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top 3 Phenomenons that Occur on a Jamal-Family Road Trip

[prologue]: this post is largely overdue. We decided to trek out to our neigbouring province, Alberta, in the last week of July. (Literally a DAY after we got back from L.A.) As can be witnessed by one glance at a calendar (or iPhone apps(?) for all you technological folks that proclaim,"PRINT IS DEAD!") it is now the last week of August. No worries, this post will still be as delicious as it would have been, if posted on time.
**do NOT pay attention to my outfits! I dressed like a bum because: 
1. it was a family vacay. 'nuff said.
2. it was HOT. forget accessorizing and layering!
3. it was a family vacay.

1. There are an incessant amount of bathroom breaks. It's as if my parents are a part of an impromptu competition in which the objective is to stop at all the available rest areas every half hour increments. What do they think the prize is!? A natural cure for thier diarrhea? A rare, not-yet-FDA-approved laxative that will relieve their constipation with only a few severe side effects? Or perhaps they want bragging rights. Like, *insert Pakistani/Indian accent*,
"Vee stopped at all tha vaashroomz on tha vay. That is nearly vun-hundred vaashroomz!"
Whoa, that deserves some cyber applause, hey? Applause for my parents, please!
Example one of bad outfit. Just enjoy the scenery, please!
2. A giant bags of Doritos is consumed. You can't mess with tradition, and if tradition is an American-originated-Mexican-influenced crunchy tortilla snack smothered with artificial cheese, then so be it. Purchased from the The Real Canadian Superstore (adorably coined 'Stupidstore' when we were naive grade-school children and did not appreciate the convenience of buying socks and celery FROM THE SAME STORE, OMG.), it is precariously placed in a laundry basket. (My parents refuse to believe that it is one, thinking instead it's an oversized picnic basket. Really, parents, really?). 5 minutes on the road and one of my snooty siblings (out of MANY. Okay, three. m'A) proceed to complain about their dying hunger. They then proceed to stuff their grubby little faces, powdered cheese flying every which way and drool escaping their mouths periodically.
I present one grubby little face. See me in the background all perlexed and exasperated? Yup, t'is how the story unfolds.
3. We MUST must must stop at ALL "Welcome to Blah blah blah..!" signs. It is a prerequisite for a good vacation, I think that is what my family thinks. The following pictures are proof of said debauchery of self-dignity:

So there you have it folks! The top 3 phenomenons that occur on Jamal-Family Road Trips. (As if that wasn't blantaly obvious by the title, sheesh). Please, now, enjoy some tourist-y photos.

This is not photoshopped! Beautiful, eh?
One happy camper.
Bow River, Dontown Calgary. Ignore the hobos in the back. ;)
Chillin' lke a villain in Golden, B.C.
Beautiful; Bow Falls. I prayed namaz/salah on that rock behind me, you see? It was WONDERFUL, subhanallah.
Asta la vista mes bellissimas! (3 langauges rolled into one sentence, ftw.)


Marcia B. said...

wow looks like you had a great time! Gotta love family trips, they are so hilarious, there's always some querky family thing that occurs lol


AW SO ADORABLEEEZ. I haven't been in a road trip in EONS. Looks like a GT. (Yeah, that's cool talk for Good Times. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT.)

And my parents honeymooned at Lake Louise. You went to Lake Louise. OH MY GOD WE'RE THE SAME PERSON.

And I'm amused how you describe these outfits as "bum"-like. Um. NOOOO. If any of my friends wore anything remotely similar to these outfits, I'D BE DOING CARTWHEELS ALL DAY AND NIGHT. Bam!

Ania said...

Great photos ;D

hijabi hippie hypo said...

great pics! :) haha family hols are quite something! i love number 1 its tooo funny!! x

Aisha said...

urooba u crack me up lool, the stopping at welcomne signs had me rolling around in laughter :P i love the way u write, sooo funny, love it!

p.s i havn't heard that sami yusuf nasheed...will youtube it for defo :D

ash said...

urooba, this post really make me warm somehow.. cute and funny!!
u really had a great time, so happy for you.

ps. say my hello to your family :)

Dina said...

Just found your blog. What a great photos. I missed Canada..

Dina @*

jatt said...

hye urooba,
wow...ohsemm place for a vacay..i wish i could go for a vacay there :)

Keepitrockkinn said...

I love it ! I really enjoyed the whole thing about the Doritos. My brother and I do something similar with mass amounts of Pringles when we take a trek up north to the lake. The scenery pictures were also gorgeous !


k said...

you crack me up! your family looks and sounds like so much fun :)

Mademoiselle Ruta said...

I love these photos. It looks like you're having such a great time.

Anonymous said...


Zeba said...

lol, you really are hilarious! I miss the good old days when my family used to do road trips! Looks like you guys had a great time! I hope to make these memories with my own family now Insha'Allah!!!