Saturday, August 7, 2010

UUU UPDATES. Handlin' some business like you know how I do + EXCITING NEWS.

1. My very first feature--exciting, exciting, exciting! The incredibly cool Rania from Fashioning Faith: Style Inspiration for Muslim Women, has done a post on my style! Ack! She's from Indonesia--how very exotic, huh?! Check it out HERE, and meanwhile, check out her blog, too! It's CHOCK full of incredible inspiration--I became a follower recently, soon after I found her blog. (I did a 'happy dance' after I found out she wants to feature l'il 'ol me. Err, no I didn't. Err, you didn't hear it from me. Err, somebody has surely hacked my blogger! And I can't press the backspace button!).
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 2. Recently, I did something that takes a lot of gumption and guts (not really). One must be really self-confident and be extremely courageous and what not to do what I just did (ah, no)...
...I made a facebook fan page for Under Urooba's Umbrella! Rather, you can now 'like' Under Urooba's Umbrella on facebook! What, you say, you don't know what facebook is!? Well, it's a social networ--Oh, that isn't the problem, you say? Ouf! Right.
Here is where you can go ahead and hit like--I will like YOU, if you do. (There is also a widget for my Page on the left side of my blog, if you should decide you are too pompous to like it from here. Or perhaps you are seeking a thrill of sorts and believe you wil find it from liking UUU by going to the left side of my blog. THE POINT IS, go ahead and like it. =)):

3. My formspring's been running a little bit empty. Now I know y'all ARE DYING to ask me questions. So, unearth yourself from your shyness and do proceed to ask!
You caught me.
It's me.
I'M the one who IS DYING to have you ask me questions.
I admit it.
You caught me.
SO please, won't you respond in the most positive manner to this confessional?! :D
ASK ME HERE (or on the left side of my blog!):


Krystal said...

congrats on the feature :) and thanks for your nice comment!

Raez said...

ooh, congrats on the feature! and for the facebook page:)

xx raez

La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society said...

Congratulations on the feature! We know it was quite well deserved. We're looking forward to reading your newest answers on formspring (one of the questions is from yours truly!)


♥ M i m i said...

yaaay a feature :D congrats urooba <3

i'm over there now, reading!

kay Tila Tequila is... well... a MESS. not even a HAUTE one. just a big fat mess. LOL.

the lady gaga vid is not... very good trust me hahaha. but still. i'm putting it on my blog. for YOUUUU GUUUYS.

Shahirah Elaiza said...

LOL, I love how you're vibrant and you're not afraid of it! <3

ash said...

congrats urooba!

i'm from indonesia and i'm also a muslim,
oh, i'm really glad i found you, i love your style, u look awesome in everything u wore!

gonna follow you now..

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

WOW ALL OF THIS POST ILLUSTRATES WHY YOU'RE SO AWESOME. Feature? CHECK. (By the way, it's FANTASTIC. It's like an explosion of colour and patterns and overall awesomeness AW YEAH.) Self made facebook page? CHECK. (Totally join it, but it might awkwardly lead classmates to ma blog. Hey now, I have intense Facebook stalkers out there! ;)) Formsping? CHECK. (Actually, that doesn't quite make sense. I'll ask you a question as soon as one arises.)

Thanks so much for your awesome comments! They totally reflect your overall awesomeness. (I think I use "awesome" too much. BUT STILL.) And OH MY WORD IF YOU DO A RAP YOU WILL EXCEED THE AWESOME SCALE AND THAT'S KIND OF OF DA HOOK AND BALLIN' AND INSERT GANGSTAH PHRASE HERE.

nisanichan said...

congratz dear. you deserve it!
stay amazing, okay ?

happy fasting !