Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hijabi Fashion Week- Day 1: Work Wear! UUU style.

It's time.
Hijabi Fashion Week starts off with a whoop-pop-she-bang-sha (it's okay, I cannot fathom what this means myself, however, no other words in the English language could be implemented. It's alright, though! I will lobby for hoop-pop-she-bang-sha to appear in Oxford or Webster...or at least wear!

It would be silly to ask me what I want to be when I 'grow up'. Because I want do so much, iA! I've been immersing myself with people in the past few months that have enlightened me in the way I see the world and what I can contribute to it, as well as taking advantage of the 18377450965696 opportunities out there! These phantasmagorical events/encounters are so completely refreshing and are broadening my preconceived notions of a 'career'. Anywhooooo, journalism will be a huge chunky chunk in my future endeavors iA. But you're not interested in all that, are ya? :P
Here's what I'll wear during said journalistic escapades:
who what wear?
  • orange polka-dotted button-up: $1.43 via F as in Frank's (vintage store on Main Street, in Vancouver) RAD-iculous $10-fill-a-bag sale!
  • fuzzy and wonderfully-textured cropped orange wool blazer:  $1.43 via F as in Frank's (vintage store on Main Street, in Vancouver) RAD-iculous $10-fill-a-bag sale too!
  • tacky/lovely copper-gold-metallic bag: $5, Coco's Bags
  • brown loaf-y pumps: $3, Joe Fresh
  • khaki pants:  Joe Fresh
 Note pen + pad. SO journalist-y.
 outfit commentary: 
I'm sure journalists have to dress all professionally. But why hand over creative sartorial juices by wearing boring gray, black, cream and other such neutral-colored pant-suits and dress shirts, eh?
Hence, the implementation of the orange blazer + orange dress shirt. The khaki pants + loafer-y pumps also make me look sophisticated, huh? And well, duh: accessorizing is synonymous with anything you find here on Under Urooba's Umbrella!
 Fun's not over! Click HERE 
to see the looks of all the other wonderful ladies participating in Hijabi Fashion Week!

See y'all tomorrow!


shea said...

omg i just love ur outfit's color palette!
matches the autumn leaves! good one babe! :D

IFA Athirah said...

really love the vibrant colour!!!!

Denise Bomfim said...

Elegant and full of happiness! I love orange and red too.
Colourful hijabs are amazing. By the way, what do you think about the hijab´s use in Jordan? Do you agree with Queen Rania when she says that the veil must be optional?
Have a wonderful week, my darling journalist!

Enna Banana said...

goshh!! superb gorgeous looks!
i am so pleasant to be one of your followers :)

F i K a said...

you look so fresh in that color :)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

ORANGE you glad you have totally awesome style?!


Okay. Obviously not funny. I apologize. But I DO think you look totally awesome. And I agree that colour > black and grey and blah blah blah. In fact, this weekend, I was at this Model UN conference and you had to dress in "Business Casual." My business casual was not like the others... And that's a-okay! Yay!

Anyways, I'm glad your living life at the moment! :) Being young is so exciting!

micah aje said...

so beautiful...^_^

fairy said...

hoooooucch! I wanna grab and bite the'oranges' haha. Masha Allah..

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