Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hijabi Fashion Week- Day 4: Vacation/Travel Wear! UUU style.

'sup beauts!?
Day 4 of Hijabi Fashion Week---don't you crave for more days in the week now!? I sure do!
In other news, today, I decided to elope.

Oh, wait.
That is the incorrect term here. More like I've STOPPED, DROPPED, AND AM ROLLING away to a generic tropical island destination!
*snaps back to reality*
Ah. 'Kay. Never mind, that was merely a dream. Although I could've sworn I went on vacation recently...
OH, OUF, right: HFW Day 4 = Vacation/Travel Wear.
 2 in-class essays tomorrow? Nah! More like 2 first-class tickets that will take me and another companion of my choice to The Bahamas tomorrow!
 *snaps back to reality. Again.*


who what wear?
  • green, pleated maxi skirt: $3, Value Village (luff! <3)
  • hot pink blouse (it's actually a dress!): vintage via F as in Frank (rad-tastic vintage store on Main St., Vancouver!), $a few dollars
  • green gladiators: $5, wet seal
  • coral necklace: $2.50, Suzy Shier
 outfit commentary: During the summer (when I tend to take vacations) I do not......accessorize that much. I know! I know! It's not my fault though--it's cause we're usually in HOT, HOT, HOT, HOT California! (holla + shoutout.) For the same reason, I don't like wearing garments (read: pants or tights) that stick to me and, ergo, that explains the easy, breezy maxi skirt! The gladiators are my TO-GO-SUMMER STAPLE #37, because we all know wearing flip-flops in public is a sin! A light-weight hijab and I am good to go.
(Note: it is raaaaining cats + dogs in these pics. Irony? N'aw. It's November in Metro Vancouver for goodness sake!)

OOOOOO. FUN'S NOT OVER. Wanna see what hijabulous ladies from around the world wear when they're in vacation mode? Click HERE HERE HERE!



Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

i love the colour combo! and the skirt, *drool*!

loving this!! =D

Anonymous said...

Love the whole outfit! especially the skirt~!

Ameena said...

Salaamz sis, love love the skirt- so so cool. {On a side note: In your second pic you kinda look alot like me, I was seriously kinda freaked out when I saw that Are you of Indian origin? Cos I am :) It kinda cool though to find someone who looks similar :) }

Denise Bomfim said...

Hey, Urooba! I found wonderful the idea of Hijab Fashion Week!
And congratulations for your amazing fashionable attitude.
Greetings from Brazil!

Stylish Hijabi said...

i adore your skirt! :)

Keltoum said...

Lovely outfit and colours!

ain gojes said...

i luv your skirt dear.really want to grab one.

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

@Ameena: I look like you? Well that is kinda freaky, but also very cool lol. Sort of Indian. Pakistani. Almost the same thing. :)