Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hijabi Fashion Week- Day 5: Weekend Wear! UUU style

Oh hey blogosphere! Fancy running into you here. Never thought I would. Really, this is a surprise.

Hijabi Fashion Week is almost. over. D': Before I start getting all sniffly and sentimental and emotional, I must remind myself, that there are 2 days still left after today!

Alright, let's get it cracking: today's theme is of weekend wear. This does not include running errands and lounging at home and being lazy and stuff (because that is a separate category in itself. Oh shoot! Just gave away the theme for day 7.)

Also, I look like a rapist at home.

So, I'd wear something like the following outfit, on the weekend, if I were doing things like these:
  • going to a training session/workshop/conference
  • grabbing ice-cream/drinks/slurpees avec les amies
  • meeting with my mentor/co-mentee (sounds so professional!)
  • meeting with my employer (ditto!)
D'oh! Look at my weekend activities, so dorky. B)
But you're not interested in all that, are ya? Here's what I'd wear!
who what wear?
  • red skinnies: Wet Seal, $15 (They're actually my 12-year-old kid sister's!)
  • adorable 50-styles dress: $1 (SERIOUSLY.) at Jet Rag's (vintage store in Los Angeles) $1 sale
  • floral jacket THAT IS A WORK OF ART <3, but one that no one likes D: :Value Village, ~$3
Errr, it'd be best not to ask.
 outfit commentary: Just one thing darlings, I LOVE the combo of the polka dots + floral, if I do say so myself!
Yeah, I'mma say it again, teehee: FUN'S NOT OVER!
Wanna see what other ladies that don the hijab wear on the weekend?

SEE. YOU. TOMORROW. Tomorrow's theme is tres interessante. ;)


secret twin O__O said...

how many hijabis own red skinnies?
I got mine for $3
steal! ;D

Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

WHO ARE YOU secret twin!?!!?!??!

Miranda :D said...

the dress is supaaa cute!!!

Em said...

wow urooba, i love how your outfits totally match the colors of the leaves! btw do you really wanna know who that "secret twin" is? I CAN TELL U, but only if you really wanna know.