Thursday, November 11, 2010


Alright. Let me lay it down for ya. You know you trust your friends...
...when you let them CUT. YOUR. HAIR.
True story, bro.

Me BEFORE my hair cut:

Me AFTER my haircut:

Har-dee-har! Yeah, blogosphere, I do indeed get quite a bit of a thrill messing with you. 
Did I say quite a bit? I meant, a gargantuan amount of a thrill!

But, no need to render little gasps of horror and clutch your chest in a dramatic fashion akin to mother-in-laws on South Asian dramas...because there are actually many, many great things about having short hair.
In SHORT, there are a myriad of pros with having SHORT hair:
  • no lumpy, protruding bump under my hijab!
  • no more tangles!
  • hair washing time = 2 min! Lovely and SHORT compared to the hair washing time of 10-20 min with longer hair!
  • no more towel-hair-drying! The air is enough!
  • happiness!
  • success!
  • a better life!
Errrrrr. Horrible sale pitches aside, there is another matter to tackle: one thing has not changed and that is the fact that I will most likely never whip my hair back and forth. However, there is no reason as to why I shouldn't WHIP MY HIJAB BACK AND FORTH!


Shahirah Elaiza said...

Wow.. I totally see the difference =P


Anyhoo, you asked me what I am studying at Uni. I'm majoring in Communication Studies minoring in Political Studies and Marketing.

jungleworldcitizen said...

Very different, indeed =) hehehe
I remember how easy it is to take care of and style short hair, but right now I'm addicted to my long-wild-hard-to-get-it-the-way-I-like-it hair. I know, crazy, huh? =)
Have a lovely Saturday!

Jungle World Citizen said...

you are so cute! :)

Andrea said...

Your new haircut really makes your face stand out :D
Uh, I wanted to cut my hair short so many times exactly because of these things you mentioned. But I would look awful with short hair and anyway I like long hair too much to do it.
I love the title of this post and basically all of your titles are great :D

Muslim Girl said...

I once cut my hair in that victoria beckham-style bob but didn't like that I couldn't tie it up under the hijab!

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

LOL@better life! You are hilarious mann!
you can proper tell the difference.
Ive never really had short hair, its always been past my shoulders.

Sanam said...

LOOOOOL :D wow, such a transformation! haha :D & i was so lol-ing at that title, and those pics :D nice one ;D

& how many more comments left till you can have your 'very philanthropic operation' lol?

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

Anonymous said...

i used to have my hair to under my waist! *LOL*
a year after hijab, shoulder long it is.
simpler, shorter, PLUS i still tie it under my hijab.. yoohoo :D

Anonymous said...

and btw, i remember reading another version of this :
I whip my beard back and forth*lol*

Unknown said...

Assalamualeikum sister :-)

There's SOMETHING different about you in those two photos... But I'm not quite sure what? :D hahahahaha
What a witty little post :-) Are you from Pakistan? If so, me too! :-)
It's just cuz your name sounds pakistani :-) My name is Aysha :-) I found your blog through another sisters blog, and I'm happy I did! :-) I'm your newest follower, hope you'll follow back!


From Denmark,

The Creative Muslimah @