Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hijabi Fashion Week- Day 3: Girl's Niight Out! UUU style.

Day 3 already!? Man, that means HFW is almost half over! D:
Glass-half-empty views aside, girl's night outs are unambigously, for a lack of a better word, AWESOME.
We can vent!
We can eat/stuff ourselves silly!
We can girly-ish-ly gossip!
We can eat/stuff ourselves silly!
We can gush!
We can mush! (?)
We can eat/stuff ourselves silly!
We can eat/stuff ourselves silly!
We can eat/stuff ourselves silly!
And did I mention we can eat/stuff ourselves silly?

MAN, estrogen-filled nights are simply great! SHOUT OUT TO MY GIRLY-WHIRLIES WHO MAKE 'EM SO. ♥

But you're not interested in all that, are ya? Here's what I'd wear when out and about with my fellow XX-chromosomed beauts:
who what wear?
  • the MOST. RAD-DICULOUS. LOVELY. EXCELLENT. SHAKESPEARE-ESQUE jacket: F as in Frank sale! (vintage store in Vancouver, Main st., www.fasinfrankvintage.com ) a.k.a ULTRA CHEAP.    
  • swoon-worthy wedges: Ross, $6
  • beaded/sequined purse: my momma's from the 80's!
  • jewelery: DIY, California, Pakistan, Suzy Shier, Value Village...

Okay that's it. I MUST quit my day job to model, right? (I don't even have a day job lol).

 Yup, you guessed it! FUN'S NOT OVER. :)
Click HERE HERE HERE to see what other stylish hijabis wear for girl's night out!
(consecutive posts on UUU? Whooooooa, right!?)


MIZZNISS said...

your jacket..i love it..

Enna Banana said...

i love everything that u wore! huaaaa

Haute Muslimah said...

omg is that you posing next to a big dumpster?! you're so legit, love it :)

MYGA said...


Love your cute style.
Check out our blog and sub :)We'd love you as a friend, and even better we're both from BC!

Em said...

urooba, your shinyness is so intense sometimes. i love it.

Miranda :D said...

love that outfit urooba :D
the jacket is amazing!!