Monday, November 15, 2010

Hijabi Fashion Week- Day 2: Eid Outfit! UUU style.

Didn't I just see y'all yesterday?
This whole blogging everyday thing is certainly undermining my professional procrastination abilities. :D
Anywhoooo, you're not interested in all that. You're interested in my Eid outfit, aren't you?
Shiver me timbers! How relevant! This is an Eid outfit post! :o
CAUTION: A lot of desi masala up ahead, yo.

who what wear?
  • chamkeela (urdu-to-english-translation: shiny), chamak-bharak (urdu-to-english-translation: shiny) traditional Pakistani shalwaar-kameez (urdu-to-english-translation: tunic-trousers) with a beautifully sequined dupatta (urdu-to-english-translation: shawl-esque garment): vintage, of course! Well, my mother's from the early 90's. :D
  • sequined hijab: fabric from local fabric store! F'reals, yo. Also worn in my Prom Post from a few months ago, HERE.
  • heels: $6, VV, also worn in Prom post!
Gotta have the typical, bollywood-inspired tree pose.

 Eid Mubarak, y'all!
And remember, FUN'S NOT OVER! Click HERE to see the Eid outfits of the other lovely ladies!
See y'all tomorrow! :)


Anonymous said...

I love the dupatta. It’s beautiful. Eid Moubarak to you and your family =)

MIZZNISS said...

i dont know what you call it, but i love the thing on you, the one look like a saree, the one u wrapped around your body.. nics one..

Haute Muslimah said...

You look amazing, mA!

Em said...

so shiny, my eyes are like *0*. love it :]