Friday, November 5, 2010

HIJABI FASHION WEEK. Relevancy? So high.

iNTERNET, meet sister. Some say, twin sister. I cannot even begin to fathom where they get this from.

Anyways! I'm terribly excited. No, not because it's my birthday (although, that did occur about a week ago, teehee). And no, not because it's my blog's one-year anniversary (although, that is soon coming up, teehee). And no, not because I was contacted by The New York Times who, in a state of understandable hysterics, proceeded to beg me to start writing a weekly column for them, whilst simultaneously, Al-Jazeera English called me up to offer me a paid internship this summer. And while on the phone with Al-Jazeera, Teen Vogue decided to do a special investigative report on Hijabi fashion bloggers, dedicating about 14 of about 52 pages of their next issue and...
Uh, okay....lost my train of thought because I was too preoccupied with vocalizing my dreams...
Oh yes! Excitement is radiating from within me because I'll participating in a little thing called Hijabi Fashion Week! Yee-yee, you heard right. No need to rub your ears (you'll just smoosh your cochlea [probably not]--sorry, learning freakin' BIOLOGY in psychology---erm, didn't I switch into Arts, lol?) All the coolest hijabi fashion bloggers from all around THE WORLD are gonna be a part of it! Wanna get involved? Email Em from Modesty Theory  at modestytheory(at)gmail(dot)com.

Looks will be posted by all of us bloggers and you'll be able to view every participants looks in Em's blog (above). However, I'll be posting my looks here, too, of course! So, what can you expect at Under Urooba's Umbrella? A blog post every day of the week! I know! It's rare! So, stay tuned! Isn't this the koolest thing since Kool-aid!?
In other NEWS, here are favoured articles of mine pertaining to Islam, women, and the Hijab this week...


andy said...

Hi, congrats on all those things that are happening to you right now, it must be great to have such an exciting life! ;)
and, about your comment;
1. I didn't plan on being a professional photographer actually. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.
2. I know, you turned 18, we have our birthday on the same day. By the way, happ birthday, a bit late :D
3. Yaay for you hearting Mumford and Sons! And Sarah Dessen (although I do feel too old for reading her novels, like I should be reading Hesse and Proust for leisure by now. But Dessen is so much more interesting :D)!

Muslim Girl said...

Haha you ALMOST got me with that NY Times, Al Jazeera and Teen Vogue stuff! I feel [slightly] embarrassed :)

Haute Muslimah said...

I love those dreams girl!
and Yay for HFW:)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AHHH. For a second I was like, "WUUUUT?! @()#*@)*#!@ New York Times?!" I read that line a few times before I proceeded. I then got it.

(This is where you go, "LOLZ TRICKED YA!")

(And I respond with a "UH YEAH YOU DID.")

Anyways... That sound super exciting! Cannot wait to see more posts regarding your fashion adventures!

Silvia_C said...

hey cute blog, will you check out mine? it's new and i need followers, i hope to hear from you soon!!!

Aisha said...

can't wait to see what you come up with during HFW!! [check how cool that abbreviation sounds :O]

and in answer to your question, Law School is gooood. I'm enjoying myself, though the amount of work we're given is crazy!

I don't really know how works where you live, but I had to take into consideration how I would pay for the course [we talking £9k here] whether it was the career I really wanted to embark upon etc etc. Its a big decision, so think wisely my lovely, do some research beforehand and let us know what you decide!

shea said...

OMG!!! you're living the dreammm!!
so happy for ya, Urooba!
knock em dead!

gahhhh! teenvogue!